Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bruno Delicious

This is a short film collage by my man Nick Bruno. He is a real swell guy who just loves to chop it up- music, art, and film. I'm pretty sure he's still working at Video Verite, so if anyone catches eyes with him, make sure you tell him I send him my love. I feel like this video is particularly blog worthy, first because I think of all the films in his modest catalog i may like this one the best, although his short film entitled Ornamental Heart does a lot for me as well. Second, because i feel like this video's collage form is postmoderism incarnate, much like the blog. Now I have always been more Hobbesian in my perception of the world (I mention this because J. Locke and Hobbes are often compared to one another in political philosophy) in that I believe that life is a fundamentally, short, brutal, solitary, and a rather cacophonous existence. Be that as it may. I like the film- The images and the poetry. At any rate, dig it.

If you are schmitten with the man's work please view more at the youtube. His handle is FilmbyNick. Duh.

Stay Tuned.

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MMLJ said...

solitude and multitude. penetration and drawing back. but reproduction is not a dichotomy unless you kill yourself while giving birth (which is a stretch), or give birth while still a baby. in short, your friend has a freudian complex.