Monday, March 30, 2009

Get Buck: Black Out Club takes it to Nippon

Just bringing Buck to the land of the rising sun.  Zerked.

Rachel was easily the most poised person present at any point in the evening.  When others were getting shitty she was getting her glam on.

Just two office jocks cutting loose like freshmen on spring break.

Bringing it down to stand by mode.

This picture kind of reminds me of a killer whale crashing through the water and ascending into the air.

Getting buck with some Hotel wrestling

It's worth noting that this was all fully on autopilot, if it wasn't already painfully obvious.

Sean looks flabbergasted, Takuoka looks happier than a pig in shit, and I'm looking downright ferocious.

The self satisfaction of a blacked out drunk in his underwear.  Everyone was pretty caught off guard by this move, but as anyone who has put in some serious drinking time with me knows it's only a matter of time before the clothes come off.

I'm fairly certain TK is pointing at me accusingly as if trying to convince someone to do something about my state of undress.  Sean is looking pretty unsure.

Down for the count.

Sean putting it down like a champ

There is something strangely erotic about this photo...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Golden Gai part 1

When I last left off we were leaving the batting cage in search of sustenance and booze.  Naturally, we found both.  Unfortunately, and what would eventually lead to my undoing, we found much less of the prior than the latter.  In the interim between leaving the cages and winding up in this cozy little bar we managed to get our hands on some fried Japanese cuisine, a few mugs of beer, and another half pint of whisky (this time opting for the tried and true: Johnny Walker Red).  By the time we waltzed into this bar I was already a little sloppy as I had been suffering from a mean case of the hungry's all day long and truly did not have enough fuel in the tank for the sheer magnitude of the impending bender.  So that brings us up to speed, too much booze and not enough food.

This young Salary Man was named Takouya...(or some variation there of.  I think between Sean, Rachel, and myself he wound up having about 10 different names.)  He was a very pleasant young man who seemed to enjoy partying with us, perhaps for no other reason than he was at least as drunk as we were and were not to discerning in our choice of company.

Ever the pensive.

I believe at this point Takouya and myself were exchanging contact information.  I still have the sheet of paper with said info on it, but fluid saturation, poor handwriting, and the language barrier have made it virtually undecipherable.

Ah.  God bless this patient soul for whom we gave so many reasons to 86 us.

Truth be told, I think they rather enjoyed our company and indulged most of our silly requests for photos.

Glamour Shotz

getting some sake behind the bar...

Rock meets Peace

This was the first sign of a devilish grin that would surface time and time again throughout the evening.

There's nothing more empowering than embracing a pretty lady.

And this is where things really began to go south for our hero... 

To be continued...

Stay tuned.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fake Baseball

Hey Folks!  Thanks for still coming by the old web address after a month of unexplained absences.  When we last left off, I was at the Incheon International Airport detailing the fancy get-ups all the Korean flight attendants were wearing and waiting to fly into Japan.  Well, I made it... at times barely.  Some highlights include getting blacked out my first night in Tokyo and almost getting my passport stolen from my hotel room, wrestling in my underwear, seeing a bum jerkoff in a cardboard box,  all you can drink beer, Japanese speakeasies, puking 45 stories in the sky, Japanese Rock & Roll and spending the night passed out in Kareoke parlors.  Most of this would not have been possible without the selfless help of my friend from college, Toku.  He was our omniscient & benevolent tour guide without whom, few of the awesome things we experienced would have been possible.  Domo Arigato Gozaimas, Toku-san!  

Here are some pics of our first night in Tokyo.  We were in the Golden Gai section of Shinjuku.  After procuring some 3 dollar half pints of Suntory whisky Sean, Rachel and I made for the town in search of trouble and adventure.  We found both.  

These pics are merely an aside, a short pit stop before things got weird.

Big Liquor, son.

These were coin operated batting cages complete with virtual, pixalated pitchers.  

3 bucks scored you 25 pitches.

Given the recent Japanese victory in the World Baseball Cup, I suppose you could say that these are some of the best virtual pitchers in the world.

Proper form is crucial

They were all home runs.  I swear to God.

Stay Tuned.