Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dear Momma

About 2 years ago I was visiting my Pops and I asked him if he had any old pictures of he and my Ma from back when they were my age. My Pops is a class A pack-rack and amateur archivist, so it was only a few moments later that he returned from the garage with a large shoe box filled with old photo prints. We went through probably 200 old pictures and slides from the 70's and 80's all the while tossing the gems into a small pile. When we were done he put the pile of gems in another shoe box and handed them to me, "Here, you should have these. I don't want them anymore."

 That small cardboard box and it's contents are among my most prized worldly possessions. I look at them often and think of the times when my Ma and Pops were young and wonder if the problems and pleasures they met then were not unlike the ones I a greet today.

Anyhow, here are some pictures of my Ma in her younger days. I miss her.

Ed. Note: All of these were uploaded using the macro setting on my little digi point and shoot.  No scanner folks, sorry.

This is my Ma and my uncle at the zoo.  I think my ma was only about 16 or 17  in this one.  I really love her jacket and hair style and the old school pop corn bucket aint bad  either.

I think my Ma is repping her engagement ring in this picture... or she might just be drunk and dipping in her chair.  Very cool shoe/dress combo.

It's nice to have a picture that you can look at and think to yourself, "Oh, my parents actually were cool once."  I think this one is from Hawaii when my Pops was in the Navy and they still let you look like a rad sailor.

Ma must have been about 18-19 in this one as I think it was from a wedding practice session.

From left to right: 1. My pops sister, Patricia. 2. My Ma's older sister, Norma.  3. My soon to be wed Ma.  4. Above, my Ma's younger sister, Leticia.  5. Below, My Ma's oldest sister, Gloria.

From left to right: 1. My cousin Paul.  2. My uncle, Bernie.  3. My Ma's pops, Bernardo.  4. My Ma.
I really dig my Ma's ribbon tie in this picture.

Just chillin on the grass with a mystery man.

Ma and a mystery relative on the coast.  Fitting the High waist.

This is my uncle Manny (one of the most awesome people in the world.  He used to tell me funny stories about him and my pops getting drunk and getting into trouble around El Paso.  He was also the only person on my Ma's side of the family who never talked shit about my pops.) and Ma.  I think Manny is wearing the same wrangler pants that I rep like everyday.

Ma and her dog, Sundown.  Love the ensemble, Ma.

Here I am coming on the scene back in 1984.

Just kicking it in my red Osh Kosh B'Gosh overalls with my Ma, who is unafraid of the horizontal stripes... and a flock of flamingos.  We aint scurred.

Million Dollar smiles.  That 2 millie if you're counting.

White sun glasses, a blue Great Outdoors day pack, and the critical accesory- Propeller hat.  Thanks for spending the 15 bucks and indulging me on that one, Ma

Call your Mom's folks, you know they miss you.


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Lily said...

Your mama is so Fashion, and what a resemblance! Adorbs.