Monday, February 23, 2009

Kids Incorporated Mix Blog

Here's a mix of some of my favorite Kids Incorporated musical performances. Hope you enjoy.


The Kid (Rahsaan Patterson) had some of the best dance moves on the whole show and some killer pipes. He did a bang up job with the Michael Jackson covers as you can see above and below.

There's something about seeing a 12 year old boy sing a song about illegitimate children...

You can't tell me they didn't hit this one out of the fucking park. It's an 80's music video knocking off an 80's music video of Michael Jackson knocking off the Roaring 20's.

This Michael Jackson video was easily my favorite music video when I was a kid. I can't tell you how many times I watched this video trying to nail down those gay gangster dance moves. Oh, the thinly veiled homoeroticism of Michael Jackson videos. Man, I wanted to be the Kid so bad

Kids Incorporated had all the big stars.
Jennifer Love Hewitt

Fergy giving perhaps the finest performance of her career with this rendition of the classic 80's Jam, Locomotion

This one rules.

Girls DO just wanna have fun.
Wholesome 80's fun.

My 7 year old heart bled for Martika. She kind of had that same vibe as Jennifer Beals in Flashdance.

FUCK! I love Hall & Oates. This is easily one of their best songs AND you throw Martika into the mix... Say it isn't so.

This one easily had some of the best production value of any of their performances.
Man, and dig all those crazy flips, spins, and other whacky aerials. So cool.

These kids also pumped out some pretty legit Madonna covers.

Holy Shit. Urban Dance moves, J. Love Hewitt, Secret hand shakes, fist pumps, and early 90's post production... Get out of here.

All those great hits in under 3 minutes... Kids Inc. Will never die.


John said...

Fergies best performance was when she pee'd her pants on stage.

Fringe Vintage said...

That shit molded me into the totally fucking awesome person I am today. It just makes me kind of concerned when I see how the stars of the show turned out. They totally suck now. WTF happened? That is why I don't have anyone to look up to anymore. I've completely lost the ability to trust my own judgement.

Fringe Vintage said...

I wish I was a grown-up too, Stacey.