Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Airport Blogging

So, I'm over here at the Incheon International Airport at the NAVER lounge (Naver is basically like the Google or Yahoo of Korea.  They are the go to website for any cultural or relevant news, they do email, internet searches, have movie times, like I said, they are basically the equivalent of a yahoo or google type page, only way more popular since this is pretty much the only website that offers these services over here.)  So far, the trip has been pretty good, albeit relatively uneventful.  The airport shuttle took way less time than I suspected, so I arrived to the airport an hour before I had anticipated leaving me with 4 hours to kill before my plane takes off.  Leaving me time to create this arguably superfluous post.

Here's some observations based on my short stay here at Incheon.

1. The airport is really nice and clean.  I think it was just renovated like 4 years ago or something and it is really tidy.  They have motorized ride-along brooms that essentially look like a those sit down scooters that geriatrics ride only with a swivel broom attached to the bottom.  These things zip around here at a pretty good clip, their drivers stoic and stern faced as ever.

2. All of the stewardess' have really great outfits.  Like Pan-AM circa 1965 great outfits.  They all walk around in little packs, like warring street gangs traversing their turf.  They all look very pretty and their are no over weight ones.  It's a little bit strange and slightly off putting, because you have to wonder if the airlines are using some sort of discriminatory hiring practices to get all of these skinny, homogenous looking flight attendants.  Their is a crew of flight attendants that wear this khaki colored outfit comprised of a secretary skirts and a tight fitted blazer with a really sweet red sash/scarf around their necks.  They all seem to have their hair in buns as well.  There is another click that has, what i think is the best get-up, a kind of pink and teal pant suit outfit, but very well tailored to each of the attendants.  I don't think I have seen a single male flight attendant.  I wish I could hook up my digital camera to this computer, but it looks like photos of the flight attendants are going to have to wait.

3. All of the American GI's stick out like a sore thumb.  They all have the same pasty white skin, stupid hair cut and terrible jeans.  They also seem to be magnetically attracted towards one another as they always seem to be chatting in pairs.

Gotta Go.  The plane is boarding.  Adios.


Fringe Vintage said...

Isn't that the same brand as in Lost in Translation?

John said...

how was your trip dog?