Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kids Incorporated

Once I departed from the great Northwest, Rachel and I made our way southwards towards my home town of Alameda where I reunited with those I love and those I miss.  Perhaps the single best happening while in the Bay was linking with two of my super homies, Jack and Karl, and making the trek to one of my favorite places on our humble earth: Big Sur.  We spent 5 days there warping our minds with everything under the sun, relaxing on the beach, exploring the woods, and generally just enjoying each other's company.  We dubbed the journey "The Too Took Tour 2008."  Here is some photographic evidence of our exploits.


Uhh, before we get into Big Sur... Karl took Rachel and I to the newly renovated San Francisco Academy of Science.  As Karl said, "they got ride of all the busted shit, and kept only the best."  He was totally correct.  This Albino gator is at least as old as I am, I can vividly remember clocking it when I was like 6 years old from the banister at the old AOS.  Shit seemed like it was 100' high, but when I went back when I was older It was only like 20 feet up.  Go figure.  Anyway, the gator has new digs which are a definite step up for my viewing pleasure and his lurking powers.  Some of the new additions include a legit amazon rainforest exhibit with wild birds flying all over the fucking place.  It's seriously like 4 stories high.  The new aquarium is also pretty real.  

My favorite psychedelic sea creatures

Dioramas of the African Savannah rule

Ah, here we are.  Big Sur.  Jack just stoking the flames

Sometimes I do this when I'm happy

Two beasts shocked by natures beauty.
Sponsored by NAMDLA

North American Man/Dog Love Association

Olive, my favorite Blue Tick Coon's Hound

Search and Destroy

Glamour Shotz


I'm going to put this one in my modeling portfolio.  Party.

Bud's with Buds.  True Beauty.

Endless rounds of belligerent bones were exercised

The Tree's in Big Sur are really rad

A Drugacoaster