Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The ODB/Harmony Korine Connection... And Why I Love Them

If you haven't been rip roaring drunk and feeling this song I feel sorry for you.

Old Dirty Bastard DID make America great. If you can't find love for ODB, I don't want to be your friend.


Keep it real

These videos never fail to lift my mood and renew my faith in humanity.

I will always have a special place in my heart for the Old Dirty Bastard and Harmony Korine.  The pair are absolutely unfuckwithable.  They are absolutely true blue, unpretentious, original Americans.  They do not give a fuck what you or anyone else thinks of them.  They feel comfortable enough with themselves to not have to pretend to be anyone else, even if who they are is offensive, loud, brash, confusing, and bombastic- at least they are truth.  Whenever I see this dynamic duo, it makes me wish, it makes me want to be more like myself and less like what people think is acceptable, appropriate, or polite.  The truth is heavy and not everyone is ready for it.  Most people aren't even ready to tell the truth to themselves.  I just want to have enough guts to tell the truth to myself and to everyone else.  ODB and H. Korine are apostles of the truth.  Even if I can't always get down with what they are saying, I respect, no I LOVE that they are telling it how they think it is, damn what anyone else has to say.  They are a couple of my role models.


Lily said...

That picture of them together = my new desktop wallpaper

Danny503 said...

I know, right? I've been repping it on my screen stop.