Saturday, January 31, 2009

Music Makes Me High

Today I went to the Samsung Plaza (A gigantic "department store" but what appeared to me to be more of a mall) to scope a bookstore that allegedly sold western magazines.  Unfortunately, the store had a pretty sparse and over priced magazine section, but it was however rife with amazing stationary.  The crown jewel of the stationary department was the "Music Makes Me High" memo pads.

  When I purchased this treasure, I was under the impression that the memos  would be in sticky pad form.  Little did I know.  When I came home and opened the memo's with the fervor of a 5 year old on Christmas morning I found out I was wrong.  The memos were in fact small pieces of stationary most closely resembling a business card or some other form of stationary unknown to me.  The front (excuse me, "Side A") features an image of an old school black cassette that proudly states "Music Makes Me High."

  "Side B) features several ruled lines on the bottom and a blank space on the upper portion.

  Personally, I think the best use for these little wonders is going to be as my own less than personal business card.  For a while now I have been wanting to commission a small run of business cards that feature only my name.  I figured I could use them to give people I meet my contact info and I've always thought that the most minimal of business cards were always the best.  Of course I can't really justify the expense as I really don't seem to meet that many people, at least these days, and everyone just seems to put each other's contact info on their cell phone/digi devices anyhow.  Regardless, I still like the idea.  Back to the point.  It is unimportant whether or not I will actually have the opportunity to hand these bad mothers out, I will still dutifully carry them along with my trusty pen, always ready for the chance to open up my cassette case and hand out my own little slice of personalized Korean stationary.

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Fuck yeah music makes ME high. I can't believe you found these? It looks like a real tape in the foto. You could start an empire with just one of those things. Hand it to the right person and your totally IN.