Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Latest and Greatest Here at the Shame Threshold!

One of my Super Friends sent this to me when I told him I missed the old Stars and Bars.

Mustaches, BBQ, Fireworks, Friendship, Bald Eagles, Boners, And American Flags.  Good Grief.

In an attempt to connect with more of my state side friends and neighbors I have established a new email address associated with this blog (located in the upper right hand corner and printed in hip pink).  I have been apprehensive of putting up my personal/professional email address as I don't want any unintended visitors from my work to happen upon this web page due to any nosey google searches of my email or whatever.  Maybe it's a bit of Dateline-esque paranoia, but fuck it, if nothing else it will be another avenue for people to get in touch with me, particularly if you don't already have my email address.  So if you have any inklings to get in touch with me over here in the far east, please don't hesitate.  Heckling, tips, privy info, or just news from your part of the world- It's all welcome at  Note:  All of the emails will be forwarded to my personal account, so if you already have that address don't feel the need to send emails to this here new fangled one.

I have also added a disclaimer to mitigate any potential legal problems the future may hold.  If you have any legal issues or otherwise with the content of this web page, please email me and we'll work it out real cool like.

I have also changed the settings on my comments section so now anyone who wants to leave a comment should be able to.  In the past, comments have been limited to other blog authors, but no more, now the masses shall have their say.  I really have no way of knowing who views this blog, so unless you leave a comment you will be forever anonymous.

Finally, in an effort to take advantage of the new comment policy here at The Shame Threshold I would like to conduct an informal poll, or guest log if you will.  I couldn't figure out how to add a gadget that would act as a guest book so hopefully this posting will:

Who is reading this blog?  Please let me know in the comment section along with any feedback  you might have.  What do you desire more of?  Less of?  Keep me posted



John said...

I'm reading, and I'm so with you on the trying to remain ungoogleable. I've deleted all my social networking accounts, and just have a humble photo-site with minimal identifying information.

Keep it up, boyee

John V

grumpy said...

oh, and I'm probably alone on this, but I desire less music talk. More odd Asian stuff!

Fringe Vintage said...

you know i read this. just shut up already.