Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Hands down my favorite Horror Rap star.
Who got my back fade?
Fuck rapping about how much money you have, how about how crazy you is.
Plaid, Mustaches, and Cannibalism.  Whoa

Oakland Rap at it's finest.
MacArthur, Lake Merrit, and BIG ass gold chains
Life IS too short

Settin' it straight in '88.


Lo-Fi laid back chief anthem.
Drank Dank Danny
Find a cut and zerk in the shade

Air Brushed baller caps, two tone vettes, Candy Coated on Dayton's
Rappin 4 tay looks like my old neighbor on commercial
Homies should be tighter than a glove

It's like the last supper but with three piece suits and afro sheen
I got a pit named lima, she nigarino
How can you fuck with that court scene. Acquitted.

From the 1994 hit album Niggamortis
Rosemary's Baby meets RZA
Rap's death metal counterpart 

Check that girl's fit at the intro. Whoa.
This music video is basically the dramatization of the song and for that...I love it.
Rapper's really knew how to put a fit together back in the early 90's
It's not booze, it's potion.
I'm no gangsta, so not using my AK is not grounds for a good day, but drunk as hell with no throwing up. Yeah, I can dig.

They played this song at every school dance I went to from 6th grade to the 12th.  Crucial.
Fly girls and nude colored strapless dresses, that would be sex appeal.
The Bay has the best synonyms for being fucked up: Keyed, Perved, Took. Case Closed
Rapping about shitty cars like cutlass's, Buick's and Oldsmobile's is awesome.
Hyphy before Hyphy new what was Hyphy

Inspiring drunk dancing for a generation.


John said...

uh, cutties are not shitty

Fringe Vintage said...

you are way ahead of your time