Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sokcho, Sorak San, and Lunar New Years

This past weekend Rachel and I had the good fortune to celebrate our first Lunar New Years, which is incidently the most widely celebrated holiday in South Korea.  We were given both the 26th and 27th off from our job and in addition a nice little holiday bonus from our boss: two free nights at a 4 star hotel in the Sorak Mountains (one of the most revered beauties of the South Korean landscape).  Before we left on our vacay, our boss was kind enough to type us up a very useful AND completely hilarious itinerary.  I have typed to unedited contents of said itinerary below:

Recommended Itenarary for Sorak MT

Introduction of Sokcho region

Sokcho city is located at the east coast of Korea.  Sorak Mt national park is large area which bigger than Sokcho city.  Sokcho city is the entrance of Sorak Mt. Sokcho city is famous of fresh fish, Sorak Mt, Several hot spring and Donghea (East sea of Korea).

24th Jan

1. Take a subway to go to Seoul express bus terminal.  At least 1hr 30min.
2. Find the gateway to Sokcho.  Get your bus ticket at the ticket booth of Sokcho.
3. Your arriving time at Sokcho bus terminal will be 1~2pm 24th Jan.
4. After arriving Sokcho bus terminal, go to Sokcho beach where you can enjoy the view of East sea shore and some coffee or tea at a cafe around there. 1~2 hr
5. Take a bus to Sorak park hotel.
6. Check in.
7. Visit the travel center and have dinner at restaurant around the hotel.

25th Jan.

1. Visit Shingeung temple which is located in Sorak Mt. 1~2hr
2. Ride Sorak gondola(Sorak cable car). 2hr
3. Visit Sorak waterpia.  It is a water resort, they have hot spring, wave pool and outdoor bath tub.  You need swim suit and water google.  At least 3hr,
4. Visit Sokcho city downtown and the fish market.
5. Big dinner at Korean raw fish house.  My treat. 7~9pm.  Cal me around 6pm and I'll pick you up where you are.

26th Jan

6. Check out
7. Take a bus to Sokcho bus terminal.  30min
8. Back to your sweet home.

Enjoy your trip~

For the most part, we stuck pretty closely to the itinerary that Mr. Y provided and his time tables were pretty accurate, apart from some unforeseen problems due to a heavy snow and traffic delays associated with the holidays.  Very pro, Mr. Y, nicely done.

Stock Korean Pose: Ass Out, Fingers Up

Rad Paper Lamps/Light Fixtures From Sorak Park Hotel

The View From The Room

Animal rights photo in our room.

Traditional Korean bed situation

Traditional Korean bedroom

Dude was 14.3 m tall.  Completely epic.

Korean Buddhist temple  (Shinhueng)

Views from the top of one of the mountains, ascended with the aid of a Gondola.

Don't even think about falling because there are no safety barriers between you and some cliff side tumbling.

Just some bear on bare love

Snowy wheel, duh

The powerhouse behind the gondola's upwards propulsion

Ain't no party like a gangsta party

For maximum punching force, choose black power.
They had another one of these with Ron Artest on the front.

The future site of the Korean counterpart to Alcatraz

Majestic sand dwelling dolphins

Snowy beaches, go figure

If you start drowning, this dude saves you...

More beach majesty

Korean cop sign. Don't get caught.