Monday, December 15, 2008

Designated thrashing Area

Here are some pictures from the designated thrashing area nearest my humble apartment.  The area is fully stocked with a 6' half pipe, 6' foot quarter pipe, fun box, various grinding rails, and some other shit I'm not entirely qualified to identify.  ON TOP of all that, there is a major league outdoor rock climbing gym about 50 meters from the skate park.  Apparently, the whole area is collectively known as the in extreme I suppose.  The park is never packed, and honestly is rarely host to more than a couple of 7 year old rollerbladers who have a hard time making it up the transition.  I have only seen one skateboarder there since frequenting the park.  He was an early 30 something dude who looked like he was fitting in some quick shredding on his coffee break from LG before his power lunch...dude did kind of rip though, so gotta give him some credit for that.  Apparently the reason you only see 7 year olds or parental rippers is no one between 10 and 23 has any time to fit in some leisurely skateboarding in between their torturous schedule of studying.  Korean teenagers go to school from 8 till 6pm and then usually study until around midnight.  Bummer.
WHOA!! The twin towers of Ripping. Hopefully not R.I.P.
Get some!

Don't underestimate the importance of lacing up your blades.
What lurks in the shadows of the Yongin X-Park?
Just LG's finest shredder.
I don't think I could have been any more surprised if I had seen Bulwinkle the moose cavorting with those pesky Russians in trench coats.  I mean a totally free, totally empty rock gym...and outdoors.  This type of thing could never happen in America.  I guess the lawyers really have won.
Top roping options fully included.  Oh, what's that?  You want to do some sport routes?  Well bust out your quickdraws, they have that shit too.
I have NEVER seen anyone utilize this. BUMMER. Maybe when it warms up.  We'll see
Korean Graffiti is the tames shit I have ever seen.  I don't think I have seen nary a swear word or derogatory phrase on even a bathroom stall.  It's weird going to a public restroom and not hearing about how Todd loves to suck toddler cock or how Brenda is a dirty cunt.  It's just not the Korean way I suppose.  This here fella, death note was the rudest dude of the bunch.  Yeah, dude, everyone dies, thanks for the heads up.
Free advertising
The scariest shit this side of Yongin.  FIRE!!! look out!
The definition crew says you suck
BKF has nothing on Korea.

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