Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ginseng update

Right on cue, I ran into good old Mr. Y in the copy room today.  After our usual exchange of pleasantries and communication blunders I quickly took the opportunity to gather more info on Korean Ginseng.  Since my last post I have been giving some serious consideration to going on some sort of legit ginseng regime- I mean shit, I'm here in Korea why not, right?  Any indigenous novelty is well worth exploring at this point and any added health or sexy benefits couldn't hurt either.  My first question was about dosage.  More specifically, how much of that bottle should I take in order to see some real benefits.  The answer: the whole fucking bottle!  What I was given was in fact, an exercise in regifting.  The boss had been given a giant box of those bottles by an associate of his and was generously passing, or perhaps less generously dumping what he perceived as a bogus gift.  I further pressed him, "What about the root?  Do I eat that too?"  Here apparently their are competing perspectives.  Some argue that yes, the root should be eaten to maximize the medicinal effects of the elixir, while others suggest that there is no added benefit to eating the root.  Where does the boss lie on this divisive issue you might ask.  When pressed on the issue he emphatically waved his hands at mid chest like some fledgling chick attempting to take his first flight and exclaimed, "NO, NO!"  There you have it folks.  I on the other hand am obliged to at least attempt to eat the salutary root at which point I will decide which camp to align with, Mr. Y's or the more adventurous/foolhardy root eating contingent.

In other news Rachel and I took to some wandering around the neighborhood this evening in search of adventure, comforts, and food.  I would like to think we were successful on all accounts.  Some highlights from the venture included the discovery of a Dunkin' Donuts up the street (granted not a huge discovery since it would seem they are everywhere here, I've seen like 3 so far just on my 15 minute bus ride to work.  Still I fucking LOVE those donuts and blew the clerks mind with my emphatic perusing of the donuts and light footed victory dance at the conclusion of our transaction.) and the discovery of yet another cheap, excellent, and hearty Korean restaurant.  Rachel and I ordered an awesome savory seafood pancake (complete with little shrimp, green onions, and squid), some surprisingly good ramen, and a delicious soup (spicy in character, emboldened with boiled tofu).  Stay tuned.  The future holds a weekend trip to Seoul and hopefully a trip to the bathhouse.


John said...

Uh, Danny. In Korea, Korean restaurants are called restaurants. Dog's name is Izzy, but he's a dude dog, so I often call him Izz-man

karl said...

good work