Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Time Travel

Since most of you, the readers of this here blog, are located on the west coast of the old stars and bars it means that I'm breaking news from the not so distant future.  I am bringing news of tomorrow to you today.  So, for a simple change of pace I have decided to break you some news/pictures from the distant past.  A time when it was unquestionably cool to wear acid washed jeans with elastic ankle bands, a time when the side pony tale ruled supreme and hypercolor shirts gave you serious playground status.  The time were 1988-1992...

Here I am chilling in the Redwood tree on the SF side of the Goldengate bridge circa 1990.

I have no recollection of taking this photo, nor do I have any idea where it was taken. Maybe my house? At any rate my Ma and I are still killing it in the 80's color palette.  Photo stamped 1988.

This is one of my personal favorites. It was taken at the Alameda Navel Air Station in 1992, the year my dad came back from the first Gulf War. I was so pumped to see him again, I think he was gone for just about a year. My mom and I came fitted fully repping the US. I had my "God Bless America" tee on and accessorized with the matching hand flag, hot pink "Maui Surf" cap, and white sneaks (probably from K-mart, wishing they were Nike's).

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Lily said...

Dig your mom's acid wash