Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rokes, as in Kareoke

To celebrate Rachel's birthday, we decided the only appropriate things to do would be to go to the only restaurant that mattered, get took, and Roke out.
What is more appropriate for a birthday than a good old fashioned thizz face?
Big suburban light in the hood.
VIPS is I assume the bastardization of V.I.P.s which I'm sure most western people would interpret to mean Very Important Person(s).  Out here in the wild, wild east VIPS is interpreted as a classy western style restaurant suitable for the burgeoning Oenophile and prounounced "Veeps", ya heard.
The go to spot for all of your boozing needs
Pre Kareoke Stoke in full effect
There was a mural of beautiful flowers in our rokes room.
Here Rachel utilizes them for full dramatic effect.  I think this helped her with the judges who gave her a 95% on this tune.  Asah!
There was a lot of fist pumping and jumping on furniture...even though there were only two of us.
 After a rousing session of balladeering and rock and roll antics Rachel and I stumbled home.
 Bleery eyed in the too took 2008.

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