Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Good People at Fringe Vintage

Dear Portland readers,

You are in a position to benefit from some of the finest stylings your fair city has to offer at regularly discounted and always affordable prices.  The good people at fringe vintage are currently holding a weekly event on friday evenings, which includes free PBR's and primo access to hot sale items.  As if that wasn't enough, they currently have a bitchin holiday promotion, offering gift certificates of varying denominations as a reward for spending your hard earned dollars in their fine store.  They are open until 9pm on fridays, so be sure to check it out.  It was one of my favorite stores in Portland, one where the friendly owner always made me feel welcome and I never left without a gem. 

They are located in close proximity to Slabtown for a convenient after shopping drink.  Their physical address is the corner of NW 17th ave. & NW Marshall.  Check them online at

In other news My friend Michael T. is opening a new bar in N. Portland.  The bar is to be called the Red Fox and will be located next to the Cherry Sprout produce store in the former location of the Albina Green.  The bar will be located one block north of Alberta on Albina.  Michael T. is a fantastic dude, and a veteran bar tender who knows his shit.  I hope all of you guys will loyally patronize his new establishment.  You can rest assured your money will be going to great guy.


R.S. DeLucco said...

Danny, I'm laying here reading your last update on this cold and slightly snowy Thursday afternoon. This has been completely entertaining reading about your adventures.

Everything is well here. The past week we've had snow off and on resulting in Portland Public Schools canceling three out of my five days of work. It's been beautiful here.

I'll be starting a blog on here soon to replace my deceased website. I'll be posting new work and of course much of the older things. Take a look when it's up.

love and miss you both,

Lily said...

Stellar advice about how to be a great Portlander from across the ocean!

I must visit this Fringe Vintage, though my closets are overflowing as we even speak.

The Red Fox is destined to be a hot place where you will find me once a week, bare minimum.