Monday, December 29, 2008

Shin Jung Hyun & Yup Yuns Vol. 1

This record occupies the space between straight funk, psychedelic beat, and guitar shreddery.  This is the earliest record I have from the "Godfather" and is a serious departure from his early work with the Add 4 during the 1960's.  The record, which was originally released on Jigu records in 1974 (JLS-120984) is a solid affair, clearing showing SJH's progression from surf rock & roll to funk inspired psychedelia.  The record exhibits solid funk baselines in most of it's songs and really feels inspired by American 70's funk (Think Curtis Mayfield's, Sly and the Family Stone, and a less dramatic Isaac Hayes).  The song lengths have moved from an average of 2.5 minute ditties in the Add 4 to about a minute longer, with that added time being spent less on catchy choruses and more on funked out instrumental solos (mainly drums and bass).  In the pantheon of the "Godfather's" career it would seem that this album is a worthwhile exploration into funk music, showing hints (the last song, easily the longest at just shy of 7 minutes is an unexpected journey through a free jazz/psychrock landscape) into the impending psychedelic boom that would characterize most of SJH's career.  A worthwhile addition to collector's of asian psych rock and world funk.  I give it a solid B, very listenable, while still managing to be interesting.

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