Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sexy gift

During my prep period today I was overcome by yet another oddity of Korean culture, or perhaps to be fair, maybe it was simply my odd boss. As I was minding my business, being hypnotized by the repeating green glare of the copy machine, I was awakened from my soporific daze. My boss presented me with a clear glass bottle containing a medicinal looking solution and large, uncultivated root. He exclaimed, "you know ginseng?" I earnestly replied, "Uh yes...Thank You." After the initial confusion faded, I had a brief realization. I thought to myself, "shit, I've heard ginseng is supposed to help with about a billion different ailments, and give you all number of added energies. What the hell is this stuff really supposed to be for?" Before my boss could wander away I asked him what ginseng was REALLY supposed to be for. Mr. Y took a brief moment to gather his words and with a knowing yet reticent glance slowly declared, "It is good for... a man." And with that he casually walked away, leaving me with only my thoughts.

After a brief internet inquiry, I found that Korean Ginseng is some of the best in the world. In fact it's high quality and potency are a source of national pride for Koreans and they celebrate its splendor with several regional festivals throughout the calendar year. It is supposedly good not only for sweet boners, but as a treatment for typed II diabetes, a nourishing stimulant, and an adaptogen which wards off fatigue, stress and anxiety. Go figure.

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